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When patients are “very satisfied” with billing they are:


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Providers who use Simplee have an NPS score on par with top consumer brands:

NPS scores

1 Longitudinal study of patient satisfaction with billing and payment experience by Connance (Consumer Impact Study, 5th annual, results published Aug 2014,
2 Comcast, Nordstrom, Mercedes Benz NPS from npsbenchmarks.com.

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Survey responses

I am very grateful that you have allowed… payments on my multiple accounts over the past year. This is very helpful financially.
– Patient, AdventHealth

I just paid my bill in 10 seconds with confirmation, too. Excellent!
– Patient, Kettering Health Network

They were very willing to help me establish a payment plan that worked for me
– Patient, Memorial Hermann

Thanks! My payment experience (best ever) matches the care we received (absolutely exemplary)…
– Patient, Mosaic Life Care

Easy, convenient, patient-centered. Thank you for offering installment plans, they help a lot!
– Patient, SLUHN

Keeping track of my hospital/ clinic bills should be easy and you’ve just made it that way. Thank you!
– Patient, Mosaic Life Care

SO easy!!! This was literally the easiest payment I’ve ever made, and I’m an Amazon regular.
– Patient, AdventHealth

I am very happy the chance to pay monthly has been added so patients aren’t turned over to collections so fast
– Patient, Memorial Hermann

Simplicity. And I get to pay what I can afford…per month
– Patient, Kettering Health Network

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