Online surveys with 260 US hospital Revenue Cycle
leaders highlight the growing need to drive patient delight.

No Immunity to Patient Experience Obsession

Key findings & recommendations

Hospitals recognize the importance of patient satisfaction and the role that patient financial services play.

Make patient experience an organization wide obsession.  

Despite this, hospitals struggle to address patient financial services due to cultural and measurement challenges.

Seek partners who can help overcome both the technology and strategy challenges.

Driving exceptional patient financial services leads to improved satisfaction and improved business and patient outcomes.

Link your investments in experience to driving and measuring patient satisfaction.

Hospitals show a shift toward patient obsession, putting health outcomes and experience at the top of their objectives.

Effective Patient Financial Services Means Everyone Wins

“Which of the following patient benefits would you expect your organization to see/has your organization seen as a result of improving its patient financial services system?”

How patients win: Improved PFS linked to better patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes

62% Improved overall patient satisfaction
46% Improved overall patient outcomes

How Hospitals win: PFS improvement drives more efficient revenue process

53% Faster patient payment/more on-time patient payment
46% Better efficiency/cost reduction per patient
43% Improved net collection rate

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