Myths About Health Care Costs

Understanding how health insurance coverage works can be very empowering. Here are a few common myths about health care that can cost you time and money and keep you from getting the most out of your health care benefits.

Simplee not only helps you understand your health care coverage and medical costs, but also helps you pay your medical bills and take control of your health care.

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Manage medical costs
Truth: Insurance covers less than you think

Consumers pay over 15% for services they use, averaging over $3,000 a year. This is 50% more than it was 4 years ago. Over the past decade, consumer premiums more than doubled.
(source: Milliman Medical Index 2010)

Solution: Simplee will show you how to save money on medical bills

Simplee will help you understand how your health care works so that you can keep on top of your costs.

Learning how to optimize your health care will save you money and keep you healthy.

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Truth: Prices for medical services can vary

In Chicago, IL prices for an MRI of the lumbar spine with contrast ranged from $500-$2,661 among three hospitals and five imaging centers.

In Washington, DC prices for routine mammogram screenings ranged from $123-$441 among community based center & hospitals
(source: Healthcare Bluebook)

Solution: Simplee lets you compare medical service costs

Simplee will show you the average price of medical services in your area, so that you can get the best value from your plan.

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Truth: Health care information is available online

Most health care information, like plan details and claims,are available online.

Solution: Simplee is your online health care management tool

Simplee gives you online access to your health care information through your insurance company.

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Manage medical bills
Truth: Avoidance can cost you money

Late fees, overpaying for services, missing out on covered benefits, or choosing more costly providers can all add up to unnecessary expenses.

Solution: Let Simplee help you pay your medical bills

Simplee will alert you when bills are due so you don’t have late fees. Simplee will show you if your policy is not a good fit, if your providers over-charge, or if you’re not taking advantage of your tax benefits and employee incentives.