William T Lewek, MD

Psychiatrist in Rochester, New York

Practice Location

42 Vick Park A
Rochester, NY 14607

Dr. William T Lewek — Profile Summary

Dr. William T Lewek practices Psychiatry in Rochester, NY

Dr. Lewek graduated from University Of Texas Medicine School At San Antonio, San Antonio Texas with an MD 38 years ago. He had his residency training of Psychiatry at Strong Memorial Hospital University Rochester.

More information:
American Board of Medical Specialties Certification(s): Psychiatry
Group Practice Affiliation: Professional Counseling Psych
Phone: 585-244-5413

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MD. William T Lewek specializes in Psychiatry

A Psychiatrist specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of developmental, behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders. He or she may conduct a psychiatric assessment and family history, ask for information from many people in the patient’s life, and recommend behavior therapy or medications.

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