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John Penfield, DO

Emergency Physician in Vestal, New York

Practice Location

Vestal, NY 13850

Dr. John Penfield — Profile Summary

Dr. John Penfield practices Emergency Medicine in Vestal, NY

Dr. Penfield graduated from New York College Of Osteo Medicine Of New York Inst Of Tech, Old Westbury New York with an DO 20 years ago. He had his residency training of Emergency Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medicine Center and Internal Medicine at Wilson Memorial Reg Medicine Center.

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DO. John Penfield specializes in Emergency Medicine

Most Emergency Physicians work in a hospital emergency departments, but some also work on air ambulances, or in other emergency response services. They specialize in trauma care, advanced cardiac life support, or other management of life-threatening injuries and illness. Typically, when a patient is brought into an emergency room, a nurse or Emergency Physician will triage, or stabilize them, until another doctor can take over.

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