Jared Kevin Wilson, MD

Family Practitioner in Liberty, Kentucky

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Liberty, KY 42539

Dr. Jared Kevin Wilson — Profile Summary

Dr. Jared Kevin Wilson practices Family Practice in Liberty, KY

Dr. Wilson graduated from University Of Louisville School Of Medicine, Louisville Kentucky with an MD 20 years ago. He had his residency training of Family Practice at University Louisville School Of Medicine.

More information:
Major activity: Office Based Practice
Phone: 606-787-8348
Fax: 606-787-8925

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MD. Jared Kevin Wilson specializes in Family Practice

Family Practitioners are primary care physicians who care for patients of all ages in a broad range of illnesses, injuries, and preventative care. Family practitioners may use your family history and context to help provide continued and comprehensive care to you. Some also have specialties in adolescent medicine, geriatrics, sports medicine, or hospice and palliative care. Family medicine in an important part of the U.S. health care system, as one out of four doctor visits made are to family practitioners.

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