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Ivor John Percent, MD

Internist in Birmingham, Alabama

Practice Location

Birmingham, AL 35222

Dr. Ivor John Percent — Profile Summary

Dr. Ivor John Percent practices Internal Medicine in Birmingham, AL

Dr. Percent graduated from Louisiana State University School Of Medicine Indiana New Orleans, New Orleans Louisiana with an MD 13 years ago. He had his residency training of Internal Medicine at University Of Alabama Hospital.

Reviews of MD. Ivor John Percent

MD. Ivor John Percent specializes in Internal Medicine

An Internist is a physician who specializes in internal medicine, or the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Internists specifically see adult patients, serving as primary care physicians. They are trained to understand multiple diseases and conditions that may affect a person, including how they are related or interact. They also focus on disease prevention and management, including women’s health, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, and common health problems.

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