Henry Rappaport, MD

Pathologist in Duarte, California

Practice Location

1500 Duarte Rd
Duarte, CA 91010

Dr. Henry Rappaport — Profile Summary

Dr. Henry Rappaport practices Pathology in Duarte, CA

Dr. Rappaport graduated from University Wien, Medicine Fak, Wien, Austria (407-26 3/1938 To 6/1945 with an MD 78 years ago. He had his residency training of .

More information:
Specialty: Hematology-Pathology
Major activity: Research
Phone: 626-358-5519
Fax: 626-301-8145

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MD. Henry Rappaport specializes in Pathology

A Pathologist is a physician who identifies diseases by studying tissue and body fluid samples. He or she will look at blood or urine samples or tissue collected from a biopsy to help your other doctors diagnose diseases and health problems. Some Pathologists specialize in genetics or forensic pathology.

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