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Caroline Marie De Lucia, MD

Pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona

Practice Location

2601 E Roosevelt St
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Dr. Caroline Marie De Lucia — Profile Summary

Dr. Caroline Marie De Lucia practices Pediatrics in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. De Lucia graduated from Albany Medicine College, Albany New York with an MD 16 years ago. She had her residency training of Internal Medicine/Pediatrics at Maricopa Medicine Center.

More information:
Specialty: Internal Medicine-Pediatrics
Major activity: Not Classified

Reviews of MD. Caroline Marie De Lucia

MD. Caroline Marie De Lucia specializes in Pediatrics

A Pediatric Specialist, or Pediatrician, is a physician who cares for infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatric Surgeons are physicians who are trained in surgery specifically for infants and children.

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