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Angela Joan Zechmann, MD

Preventive Medicine Specialist in Olympia, Washington

Practice Location

Olympia, WA 98506

Dr. Angela Joan Zechmann — Profile Summary

Dr. Angela Joan Zechmann practices Preventive Medicine in Olympia, WA

Dr. Zechmann graduated from University Of Kansas School Of Medicine, Kansas City Kansas with an MD 27 years ago. She had her residency training of Pediatrics at Childrens Hospital Medicine Center.

More information:
Specialty: Public Health And General Preventive Medecine
Major activity: Not Classified

Reviews of MD. Angela Joan Zechmann

MD. Angela Joan Zechmann specializes in Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine Specialist is a practicing physician concerned with the prevention of disease and the promotion of physical and mental health through the study of the etiology and epidemiology of disease processes. He will use methods for increasing the power of the patient and community to resist disease and prolong life.

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